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Here are the answers to Group 1.  How'd you do?  Know of any others?  If you do, please feel free to email them to us at

GROUP 1 - Answers
Paula Abdul
Charlie Sheen Paula Abdul was married to Charlie Sheen's brother, Emilio Estevez.
Kim Basinger
Stephen Baldwin Kim Basinger was married to Stephen Baldwin's brother, Alec Baldwin.
Bruce Boxleitner
Sara Gilbert Bruce Boxleitner is married to actress Sara Gilbert's (Darlene on Roseanne) sister, actress Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie).
Jeff Conaway
Olivia Newton-John Jeff Conaway (Taxi) was married to Olivia Newton-John's sister, Rona Newton-John.
George Harrison
Mick Fleetwood George Harrison was married to Patti Boyd whose sister Jennifer was married to Mick Fleetwood.
Michael Kennedy
Frank Gifford Michael Kennedy (deceased) was married to Frank Gifford's daughter Victoria.
John McEnroe
Ryan O'Neal John McEnroe was married to Ryan O'Neal's daughter Tatum O'Neal.
Anthony Quinn
Cecil B De Mille Anthony Quinn was married to Cecil B De Mille's daughter, Katherine.
Meg Ryan
Randy Quaid Meg Ryan was married to Randy Quaid's brother, Dennis Quaid.
Frank Sinatra
Maureen O'Sullivan Frank Sinatra was married to Maureen O'Sullivan's daughter, Mia Farrow.

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